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A Companion to Angoulême and the Angoumois

Thème(s) : Angoulême et Angoumois / Identité régionale


Auteur : Prindl Andreas

Format : 170x240 - 336 pages - 7 aquarelles et 12 camaïeux de Michel Danglade

Parution : 2005

ISBN : 2-907967-93-2

22,31 €

A Companion to Angoulême and the Angoumois is an anthology about a fascinating region of France and its capital city. History, art and local culture are seen here through the eyes of their visitors and residents. Angoulême's position between North and South meant it became a crossroads for many travelers and pilgrims, also for invaders... Remarkable personages are connected with her: it begins with the roman poet Ausone and ends at the comic strip festival, a journey of seventeen centuries... In between are accounts of Richard the Lionheart and his brother John Lackland who abducted Isabelle of Angoulême when she was only 14, the king François I and his sister Margaret of Navarre who was one of the leading intellectuals of the French Renaissance, Calvin who fled to Angoulême to escape persecution in Paris and started his Institutes in the library of his friend, canon du Tillet, Molière and Balzac who used Angoulême as a model for satire of provincial manners, and also Delacroix, Stendhal, Ezra Pound, Charles Morgan and even Fangio... These and many other stories, anecdotes, songs and poems are collected and introduced here, the first book in English about the rich history of the Angoumois.

Michel Danglade used to be the managing director of Bisquit, one of the main international cognac traders in the Charentes. Member of the "Académie de Saintonge", he is well known for his paintings, notably his seascapes: many exhibitions and prizes around the world, canvas in some museums. He is also the author of several novels and books about boats and sailing. The subtle illustration of the Companion is composed of original watercolours and vignettes which give a accurate and humourous idea of what could have been life in the old times

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