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couverture livre recette anglais cognac and modern cuisine

Auteur : Barbin-Lécrevisse Françoise

Format : 21x21 cm, 160 pages, livre relié couverture cartonnée

Parution : mars 2011

ISBN : 978-2-36199-014-5

22,31 €

Cognac is more than an adventure for Françoise, the author,  - it is the passion of a lifetime. Twenty years have past since Françoise carried off the prize in the Figaro Magazine Concours of 1990, during which intervening time she has finessed her culinary skills; whilst staying true to the spirit and passion that brought her that prize. In this new book, she has created forty new recipes using the mysterious ingredient cognac. When the aromas of this superb brandy are not subtly incorporated into her recipes, she never hesitates to urge it as an accompaniment.

Cooking with cognac, shouldn't it be daunting, challenging and complicated? Not with these recipes! Light and simple to make, Françoise Barbin-Lécrevisse creates dishes for us which are of gourmand quality! Françoise shows us how, once cognac has lost its alcohol during cooking, it can heighten with delicacy and discretion the flavours of dishes. In her desserts she loves to mingle the flavours of orange with cognac, as she demonstrates in her "paves au cognac à l'orange" with such marvellous ease.

Combining high cuisine with time constraints, is Françoise Barbin-Lécrevisse's aim and she presents these modern recipes, which are easy to prepare and within the scope of all.

Cognac used as an ingredient and as a product of the charentais vineyards, as an accompaniment, plays an equal role in the richness of this cookery book: the sommelier, Olivier Rey, has suggested the best accompaniments to heighten the pleasure of each meal. This, then is the "gastronomic voyage" upon which Françoise Barbin-Lécrevisse invites us to embark.

The book opens with an excellent summary of the history and virtues of cognac. We learn why this eau-de-vie, unique in the world, exceptionally embellishes cuisine, in a way one could almost say is similar to medieval illumination. Françoise Barbin-Lécrevisse's recipes will astonish those who prepare them and moreover all their friends.....

L'ouvrage français Cognac et cuisine d'aujourd'hui a déjà conquis l'international en recevant la médaille d'or France et la médaille d'argent monde pour ses accords mets et vins lors du concours Gourmand World Cookbook awards. Ce livre de cuisine est le meilleur ambassadeur du cognac, si profondément charentais.


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